Water For Constipation – Home Remedies

Best Home Remedies For Constipation

These Constipation remedies are here to help because constipation is more prevalent than you would think! Most people think that you have constipation if you do not have a bowl movement for days or maybe even weeks.

Water For Constipation

According to Wes Jones of ‘Cure Constipation Now’, normal bowel movements are foot-long stools with several a day and with no odor. Smelly stools are when food has been rotting in your gut and over time can cause other health problems. This is important because there are many very serious gastrointestinal problems where constipation is the root cause, such as diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, IBS, adic reflux, heartburn, bloating and hemorrhoids.

Use remedies for constipation and many other illnesses can be cleared. The colon stores waste matter including bad bacteria and toxins so it’s important to get things moving to stay healthy. There are many natural constipation remedies to help you.

Best Remedy For Constipation : Water

Dehydration is a leading factor in constipation.  When the compacted digested food sits in the colon, it becomes further dehydrated.  This makes it harder and dryer and more difficult to expel which causes pressure on the bowel and pain. The longer this sits in the bowel the more water that gets absorbed making it even more harder to get out.  Drinking at least 10 glasses of warm water every day will help to hydrate the digestive system and is an effective constipation remedy.

The cells in your body work best when they receive pure water to wash toxins and waste out of your body.  Sodas or juices are not the same as pure water as they tend to have excessive sugar which makes constipation  worse.   Drinking alcohol or eating salty foods also dries out the colon so water is needed to cleanse the body.  Also cut back on teas, coffee and colas.  A glass of warm water as soon as you get up in the morning can help to get things moving and warm baths can help to relax your digestive system.