Constipation, Symptoms

Diagnosis of constipation

The doctor-patient conversation Initially the detailed interview with the doctor is the first step. Even if it is a taboo subject and many difficult to talk about their bowel movements,

Causes, Constipation

Causes Of Constipation

What Causes Constipation? The most common cause of constipation is lack of exercise and a low-fiber diet. Processed foods have a high content of fat and sugar, which can slow

Constipation, Symptoms

Chronic Constipation

What is Chronic Constipation Chronic constipation develops slowly and can last for months or years with following features: Less than 3 bowel movements per week Hard stool The feeling of

Constipation, Home Remedies

Constipation Relief

How To Relieve Constipation Constipation can arise at anytime for various reasons. Some people are more apt to become constipated than others. This condition can be due to several issues

Constipation, Symptoms

Constipation Symptoms

Slow Bowel Movement Constipation symptoms can be recognized by infrequent bowel movements. Some experts say that people are different and this will account for infrequent bowel movements, however, Wes Jones

Constipation, Home Remedies

Baby Constipation

Constipation is one of the conditions found in people regardless of age which means even babies can experience the said digestive disorder. Although rarely found in babies, parents should never