Supplements for Constipation


There are trillions of bacteria in your gut and if the balance of good gets overtaken by the bad bacteria, you can correct the balance with probiotics.  Ensure that the brand of probiotics can confirm the amount at time of bottling to be effective.  When your stools are drier and hard then you have less beneficial bacteria.  Yogurt or Kefir contains probiotics that can help break down food in your intestines.  You can purchase a yogurt maker to make your own yogurt to enjoy on a daily basis.

Digestive Enzymes

Many of the foods we eat are devoid of enzymes and therefore taking a digestive enzyme can help to break down the food in the stomach leading to better absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food and less waste to accumulate in the colon.


Much has been said about the need for Calcium in the body however, it is magnesium that allows the calcium to be absorbed along with many other nutritional values.

Magnesium is needed for normal muscle function, including intestinal muscles. One recent study examined the intake of magnesium with constipation in 3835 women. Low magnesium intake was associated with constipation.