Treatments Of Lymphoma In the Brain

Treatments of Cerebral Lymphoma

In case of lymphoma in the brain (cerebral lymphoma) treatments depend on type of tumor. If there is an isolated lymphoma in the brain (cerebral lymphoma), so usually a sole chemotherapy or a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is used. Through the combined process, the chances of success have improved in the fight against cerebral lymphoma. However, it is important that the treatment is begin as soon as possible after diagnosis because lymphomas in the brain can grow very quickly. Diagnosis is usually done by using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) to make the affected regions visible. Histological examination is finally used to confirm it.

For chemotherapy against cerebral lymphomas a combination of cytarabine and is usually  methotrexate used. In addition, the doctor injects possibly another drug directly into the spinal canal, to avoid that the spread of lymphoma in the brain via the cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF spreads). This intense brain lymphoma therapy, have distressing inevitable side effects. The radiation therapy of lymphoma is carried out in divided doses, and extends over a period of about four to five weeks.

Treatment in the form of an operation is not an option for lymphoma in the brain. Reason is the fact that the tumor in the case of a cerebral lymphoma (lymphoma in the brain) cannot be completely removed because it is not a solid tumor (because they spreads diffusely and grows very fast) so we cannot remove tumor by surgical process. Instead of surgical process doctors prefer other techniques like sole chemotherapy or a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

A lymphoma in the brain (cerebral lymphoma) can grow very quickly . Once the diagnosis is done, it is important to appropriately treat the tumor which develop from degenerated white blood cells as soon as possible.

The choice of treatment for lymphoma in the brain can greatly influence the course of the tumor disease. The brain lymphoma usually responds very well to radiotherapy . On a whole irradiation of the brain, over 80 percent of lymphomas speak to the brain. When radiotherapy is used alone to treat, a cerebral lymphoma often occurs again within a relatively short time (so-called Recurrence ). Moreover, the a high risk is connected with whole brain irradiation.

If a combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy is used to treat cerebral lymphoma, a long term better results are achieved.

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