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It’s an arguable point – why would anyone want to see herpes pictures? Those who are looking for herpes pictures are likely hoping to confirm that the sore they’ve had pop up (probably overnight) isn’t really a Herpes Simplex cold sore at all. In that case, herpes pictures can help them both diagnose the problem and see what’s coming next. For those who’ve had occasional cold sores, it can help to research herpes pictures, information and treatment to decide on a course of action for the next time the virus manifests itself in the form of a cold sore.

herpes picture

There are several online sites that will offer that kind of information, both about the virus itself, cold sores in general and potential treatments. One of those images are located herpes picture at google images, where a clearinghouse of information is available for your perusal. If you’re looking for herpes pictures, you’ll find several links from this site that will take you to sites with pictures showing the stages of the typical cold sore. You’ll also find some treatment alternatives and testimonials from people who swear by a certain medication.

But why else would you want to see herpes pictures? One reason is to see whether your own Cold Sore Outbreak is typical or if you may have a more severe problem that warrants a trip to the doctor.

When you have a cold sore, it usually feels like a mountain. Often, you have some swelling that feels worse to you than it actually looks. And though cold sores are typically very noticeable and terribly unattractive, it probably feels worse to the person who has the sore. That’s when herpes pictures can help you decide just how bad the cold sore or cold sore outbreak is, and whether you need to seek medical advice.

You can also use herpes pictures to help determine the effectiveness of a Cold Sore Treatment, though you should be wary of advertisements posted on the website of a cold sore medication manufacturer. There’s no guarantee that the herpes pictures you are looking at are real and that they have not been “touched up” digitally.

Using herpes pictures can help you track the progress of your own cold sore and the healing process, but remember that different people have different healing times, different chemistry and different reactions to specific health problems. If you just feel that your cold sore isn’t healing well or that you may be headed for an infection, seek out medical advice.