Baby Constipation

Constipation is one of the conditions found in people regardless of age which means even babies can experience the said digestive disorder. Although rarely found in babies, parents should never disregard the possibility that their baby can be constipated too. Breastfed or bottle-fed babies can both acquire the disorder however experts say that babies that are breastfed have reduced chances of suffering constipation. Studies have shown that breast milk is digested almost fully in the child’s body compared to milk formula. For a parent who watches over his or her child and ensures the safety of the baby, a sick infant is very worrying, and that includes babies experiencing constipation. Constipation can be a very painful condition to adults, so how much more to babies? If you are one of those worried parents who have infants suffering from constipation, there is no reason to worry too much. There are many remedies readily available for babies experiencing such problems. And in this article, you’ll learn how to relieve constipation in infants naturally.

Baby Constipation

Relieve Baby Farts!

To relieve constipation in infants naturally is the best and safest way to eliminate the disorder. Now to give you some helpful and essential tips, consider the following natural ways to be given. One of the natural ways of making your baby poop is to massage the body of the baby. How? Simply move his legs in the style of moving bicycle paddles. This process generates some movement inside the body which gives higher probability of relief. Next natural way to consider is the using of castor oil. This natural diet intake which is a pre-emptive measure works effectively to many infants suffering constipation. How? The oil has the ability to cleanse all the blockages in the intestines and even takes away stomach pain. A simple warm bath in which the tummy is massaged is another good thing to do. However, parents should always remember that care must be taken while performing any type of massaging activity.

To relieve constipation in infants naturally is what majority of the parents take as an option to eliminate constipation. But of course, to consult a healthcare professional once the baby is having difficulty in losing bowel is very important. Increase of water consumption can help solve constipation problems too. Adding 2 to 4 ounces of water to an infant’s diet helps lubrication of intestinal tract. And if extra water doesn’t help, use fruit juice.

After reading the above text and knowing some of the many ways on how to relieve constipation in infants naturally, as a parent, what you need to do initially is to be strong for your child while helping him get over the condition.