Natural Remedies For Constipation relief

Constipation is one of the most irritating and pain full experience. 70 out of hundred people have Constipation issue . According to old Garek Sage Constipation is base of 100 disease. We are going to share authentic 7 natural remedies with over patients to get rid from this problem. Enjoy Over Natural remedies for constipation and get relief but try to figure out why you have constipation to cure it according to its causes.


What causes constipation

Most constipation is caused by a lack of:

  • fibre in your food
  • water in your body
  • exercise.

An example:

  • if you are an office worker never working out in a gym nor at home.
  • You eat processed food (no fibres)
  • Drink lots of beer (dehydrating your body from water) fuzzy drinks

chances are big you will be constipated.

2 Types of Natural Remedies For Constipation

Most people look for natural remedies that work as a laxative to get rid of acute constipation.

However a change in your entire lifestyle solely based on natural remedies will make sure you get rid of chronic constipation.

7 natural Remedies for Constipation

  1. Home made juice extracted from organic carrots and organic spinach in equal amounts gives immediate relief from constipation.
  2. A less tasteful natural laxative with ingredients you will find in most kitchens: mix half a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice (125ml) with half a cup of olive oil. Drink and get a smooth bowel movement.
  3. Drink plenty of fluid, otherwise your body will take more fluids from the bowel making your stools hard and difficult to pass. Except alcohol, drinks like water, fruit juice and even coffee and tea are better than not drinking at all. Go low on sugar as less sugar causes less constipation.
  4. Increase your daily fibre intake to at least 18 grams a day by:
    1. eating more fresh fruit and vegetables (also eat the skin!)
    2. switch to wholemeal food when eating bread, pasta or rice
    3. cereal lovers change to high fibre bran based cereals for breakfast
    4. bean lovers eat more baked beans (containing 5 grams of fibre in a serving!)
  5. If you don’t want to change your daily diet, then increase the fibre content of your diet with a natural fibre supplement.
  6. Go when you need to go. When your stools are telling you they want to move, if at all possible act on it immediately, even if that means going to a public toilet.
  7. Start moving! The law of attraction works also with constipation: if you move your body, so will your bowels move. Move every day, be it taking the stairs in stead of using an elevator.

Natural remedies for constipation summarized

Most people can solve their constipation by:

  • eating more fresh fruit and vegetables (make smoothies as a tasteful alternative)
  • avoiding processed foods
  • exercising (more).

For fast natural constipation relief try one of the constipation treatments with fruits and enjoy your life.

Fruits, except banana and jack fruit, are beneficial in the treatment of constipation.

Bael fruit is the best of all laxatives. It cleans and tones up the intestines. Adults take sixty grams of bael fruit before dinner.

Chronic constipation patients take a medium-sized pear after dinner or with breakfast.

Other fruits for chronic constipation relief are:

* Guava :1 or 2 a day

* Grapes for breakfast : 350 gr / 12 oz a day, or raisins soaked in water

* Oranges : 1 or 2 at bedtime and 1 or 2 when waking up

* Papaya : half a medium-sized papaya should be eaten at breakfast

* Figs : soak 4 or 5 dry figs overnight in a little water to eat in the morning

* Spinach juice : raw spinach juice-100 ml (3 1/2 oz), mixed with same amount of water, taken twice daily.

Avoid Constipation Foods

Foods that cause constipation are:

1. Processed foods: processed prepackaged foods,  refined, white foods,  .

2. Foods high in hydrogenated and animal fats: cheese,fatty meats, whole milk,  ice cream, chips, pizza.

3. High sugar, caffeine and non-nutritional drinks:, coffee, cola alcohol and fruit juice (since the fiber has been removed).

Make your own constipation relief ‘fruit juice’ : smoothies!

Linseed or Flax seed

Linseed, flax seed or alse  is very useful in difficult constipation cases.

Swallow a teaspoon of flax seed with water before each meal to get both lubrication and roughage.