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Breast cancer or mammary gland cancer is the most common malignant tumor in women. . Only about a quarter of tumors in the breast are malignant, they are called carcinomas. The remaining three-quarters are benign or precursors provide a possible cancer and can be removed with a surgical procedure and usually cured by it.


Causes of Breast Cancer

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The breast cancer arises from malignant altered cells of the mammary glands or ducts. These cancer cells have the property that they can multiply uncontrollably and invade into vessels. This ingrowth in blood vessels enables the breast cancer cells to spread throughout the body, which then become the starting point of offshoot, known as metastasis. The healthy cells of the mammary gland is stimulated by the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, and cancer cells also have this property . This means that the women who produce large amounts of estrogen, a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Women, in which the menstrual bleeding has started at a young age or who have come late in the menopause, have more risk of breast cancer.

Most  breast tumors (about half) occur among women in the upper outer portion of the breast, about 15% in the inner upper part. The left breast is affected slightly more often than the right.In early-stage breast cancer usually causes no discomfort or pain. The more observant women should pay attention to certain signs that could indicate a possible cancer.

In most cases, the formation of tumors is based on the mammary gland or the milk ducts of the mammary gland. The most common breast cancer is ductal cancer. In addition, other cancers of the breast occur  rarely.

Breast Cancer



This cancer, which accounts for around 80 percent of all breast cancers, mainly developed from the cells of the mammary ducts.


It starts from the lobules. Its incidence is around 15 percent. The lobular carcinoma is more common than other types of cancer in both breasts (multicentric growth


In the Paget’s disease of the breast cancer is a rare, which starts from the milk ducts, which lie directly behind the nipple. Through the spread of cancer cells in the skin layer, there is scaly, eczema-like changes in the nipple and the areola. Usually occurs a severe itching before a node is palpable.


The inflammatory breast cancer (inflammatory carcinoma) is the rarest form of breast cancer and has a poor prognosis. The breast is this warm, red and swollen, without a tumor node has to be taken. In this disease, tumor grow in the lymph of the skin and shows the symptoms of inflammation.


This includes all tumors (sarcomas) soft tissue from the breast of such. As the connective tissue, the vessels or the lymphatic tissue.

Risk of Breast Cancer

The risk of disease increases from the fourth decade of life with age gradually. The mean age of onset is 63 years. About 81% of patients for five years after the treated breast cancer is still alive. The risk of disease increases significantly from the age of 50. The median age of onset is 64 years. Men can also get breast cancer. However, this is very rare: about 500 men have breastcancer diagnosed each year. In following link we share some important question which are used as risk checker for breast cancer………….

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Causes of Breast Cancer

The actual cause of breastcancer is unknown. But researchers have uncovered a number of factors that increase an individual’s risk of breast cancer. The most important is the age. In addition to the general risk factors and the personal lifestyle  hormones and genes play a key role in development of tumor. The text in following link give all possible causes of breast cancer…..

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Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer usually makes no pain or other typical complaints at early stages but it is not true for advance stage. There are some signs that may indicate a presence ofcancer a. If you should find one or more of the following symptoms, do not hesitate and find your gynecologist. As earlier the breast cancer is detected, better the chances of cure. The text in following link provides an overview of common symptoms and warning signs of breast cancer…..


 Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Every suspicion of breast cancer (breast cancer) should be allowed to clarify medically  an early diagnosissignificantly increases the chances of success of the therapy. Physicians use different methods like mammography, MRI, Biopsy to diagnose breast cancer……

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Different techniques are used to treat breast cancer which include Surgery, Radiation therapy (radiotherapy), Drug therapy (chemotherapy, hormone therapy), Targeted therapy, Immunotherapy. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used before the surgery to reduce the size of tumor or after the surgery to kill the remaining tumor tissues…….

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Scientists have shown that the healthy diet, body weight and regular exercise in the prevention  play an essential role in controlling and preventing  breast cancer.

  • Eat a corresponding amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, most of the season.
  • Meat and sausage can be on the menu, but only two or three times per week.
  • Go especially with sausage sparingly.
  • Reduce fat intake from animal sources.
  • Keep your self away from alcohol.
  • Move up regularly.
  • Do exercise regularly


Prevention and early detection are the most effective agents against breast cancer. Detected early, breast cancer is curable with high probability. Women from the age of 30 is under the statutory health must examine breast once a year. The physician passes on to examine the breast once a month even. In addition, provide the statutory health insurance for women between 50 and 69 years, an X-ray examination of the breast (mammography screening) on ​​to which they are invited every two years.


When in doubt, you should always consult a doctor for such complaints. Earlier the cancer is detected, greater the chance of cure.

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