Breast Cancer Symptoms

Signs of Breast Cancer

Most breast tumors (about half) of the women occur in the upper outer portion of the breast and about 15% in the inner upper part. The left breast is affected slightly more often than the right one.

In early-stage breast cancer usually causes no discomfort or pain. The more observant women should pay attention to certain signs that could indicate a possible cancer.

For already advanced disease,  symptoms may occur which are caused by metastasis, for example, bone pain, heavy breathing or weight loss.

If you should find one or more of the following symptoms, do not hesitate and find your gynecologist and discuss with him/her and go through screening tests.The earlier breast cancer is detected, the better are the chances of cure.

Breast Lumps

The size of palpable node is usually 1 t0 2 cm, depending on the location (just under the skin or deeper), the breast density (nodular or non nodular breast) and chest size. You cannot move, feel pain and weakness. But every node is not cancer there may be some other disease clarification is necessary.

Changes In The Nipple

Emergent recoveries at one point or depressions throughout the nipple are just an alarming signal. Some alarming signals are inflammation and skin lesions or secretions, especially if they are bloody or clear and occur only on one side.

Changes In Breast Size

Most women’s breasts are of different sizes. However, if the difference in size occurs again when the skin is pulled at a location, this is a reason to go to the doctor for proper check up. Also the difference in behavior of both breasts during lifting of the arms is a sign that needs to be clarified.

Skin Abnormalities

Recoveries and other remarkable changes in the skin (large pores, “orange peel”) are a possible warning signs of breast cancer, as well as non-decaying redness and inflammation of skin is also possible sign of breast cancer.

Swelling In The Armpit

Swellings and nodes in the armpit may indicate lymph node metastases. However, infections can causes swelling.