Oral Herpes

Oral Herpes – Recognize It For What It Is

Oral herpes is the manifestation of the Herpes Simplex 1 virus and is known by a variety of names. Typically, the oral herpes outbreak is called Fever Blisters or cold sores because the symptoms usually become more prevalent when the body is fighting off other health problems (such as colds and fever) and is less able to deal with the Herpes Virus.

oral herpes

When the first signs of oral herpes become apparent, it may be downright frightening. These sores are painful and ugly, and a person who has never experienced a cold sore may not immediately recognize it for what it is. The major symptom of the herpes simplex virus that causes oral herpes is the cold sore or fever blister. But those who have the oral herpes virus in an active state may also have fever and other symptoms reminiscent of a cold – hence the common reference to oral herpes as cold sores or fever blisters – people believed the sores to be a result of the fever or cold, instead of the fever being a symptom of the oral herpes virus that caused the sore.

If there is no cure for the virus, what are you supposed to do when you get the symptoms of oral herpes? The typical course of action is to treat the various problems. For example, you can use ice or a cool cloth to soothe the sore. You can use a variety of over the counter, prescription or herbal remedies to lessen the pain and to keep the scab from cracking open and slowing the healing process. Some Cold Sore Remedies tout the ability to shorten the duration and severity of the oral herpes outbreak, but each person must ultimately decide for him or herself what works best.

One online site for information about oral herpes is located at www.emedicinehealth.com/articles/17445-1.asp. This site offers facts about the causes, symptoms and stages of the oral herpes virus. There are plenty of other sites online that can help you with your research of oral herpes. Understanding as much as possible about oral herpes and the various strains of the herpes simplex viruses will help you manage your care when you experience an oral herpes outbreak.