Nail Polish For Fever Blister Treatment

Nail Polish Remover Fever Blister Treatment Introduction

I was having a disagreement with a friend of mine about how she has treated her fever blisters.  The part which I didn’t disagree with is her use of fingernail polish remover every few minutes as the tingles start on her face.  With the tingle but no blister, you have a great chance of reducing or even preventing the appearance of the fever blister.

Why Nail Polish Remover for Fever Blister Treatment Works

The main ingredient of almost all of the nail polish removers is acetone.  It is a solvent that is still claimed to be low in toxicity and carcinogenicity.  That’s good.  Since we can use it safely, how does it work?  Well, acetone evaporates so rapidly, when nail polish remover (which is a clear liquid) is applied to the skin, it tends to draw moisture away from the skin to the air.  With the dried out skin, the blister has a hard time forming.  Almost all of my friends that suffer from fever blisters do things that dry out the blister to help make them go away sooner.

Nail Polish Remover Fever Blister Technique Disagreement

The area in which I disagree with my friend is about popping the blister.  If the blister arrives before the nail polish remover technique has a chance to work, then she will pop the blister with a needle and go about applying the polish remover.  When the cold sore then seems as if it has stopped growing or spreading, then she will follow up with Abreva until the sore heals.

Since she is good at the first technique, she doesn’t run into the need to pop the fever blisters so much, but she will do it.  I have told her to stop as there is the chance for scarring, and popping it can also lead to infections and spreading of the viral fluid to anything that touches your lips.

Nail Polish Remover Fever Blister Treatment Closing

I’ve told her if she would just use those techniques I learned from Cold Sore Free Forever, she wouldn’t have to worry about it again.  I would list those things here, but I paid to learn them, and they were well worth the price.  I can’t just give them away.  I have another article here about a home remedy for fever blisters.

Note : If you have other techniques you use at home to treat fever blisters, please let us know so we can pass them along.  Thanks.