Home Remedies For Fever Blisters

Fever Blisters are another common problem that face 80 out of 100 peoples after fever.  Fever blisters are tiny lesions that appear on the edges on your mouth as well as your lips. They are filled with clear fluid and occur in clusters around the mouth. They are caused by herpes simplex virus that is dormant in the body and become active at any time resulting in blister outbreaks. The blisters usually occur when the person is sick, undergoing stress or when the immunity is low.

Home Remedies For Fever Blisters

Fever Lip Blisters Treatment and Cure

Fortunately, fever blisters can be treated using home remedies that can soothe and accelerate the healing of the blisters. Here are some of the home remedies that you should consider when treating fever blisters.

  •   Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is one of the best way to get ride from lip blisters. just use essential dilute oils (Geranium, bergamot, rose, lemon balm tea tree) on affected area and get ride.
  •   Cornstarch:  Past of corn starch is also a good way of treatment in such case.  just lap it at affected area and wait for dry up. rinse it with cool and clean water. Be patient it will give result after day or more. Do it twice a day.
  •   Salt: Salt is another good way to cure fever blisters. just dap your finger and press on the lip blister for 60-80 seconds. Do it 3 time a day up to three days.
  •   Honey: Honey is most affected thing for blister. According to Doctors Honey has powerful anti fungal, antibiotic and antiviral properties to protect and fight from any kind of infection. apply 2 times a day 2 drops with your fingers and remove fever blisters.
  •  Petroleum jelly: Petroleum Jelly is best for cracked lip blister. Apply jelly smoothly on affected are it will make it soft and heal the place of bleeding. in result pain reduce and you will be normal in 2-3 days. twice a day.. !
  •   Ice:Just use ice cubes to eases and reduce the pain swelling and bleeding of lips blister.  use ice cubes after every 2 hours for 15 minutes. Much Cold water is a good alternative of ice.
  •  Sage Tea: Mixture of Ginger powder and sage tea make a good drink for cure of blister. Drink it 3-4 time a day and it will relieves it surly.
  •   White vinegar: White Vinegar is most effective home remedie for fever blister. just apply it directly on affected area with cotton and reduce swelling. 3 days are enough to get well.
  •  Teabags: Teabags also used in such problem for healing quickly. just apply teabag on affected area after half hour of boiling.
  •   Aloe Vera: Skin Doctors Recommend gel of aloe Vera. Apply it directly from the leaf of aloe Vera.  if you feel itchiness tingling or burning of the Fever blister.

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