Herpes Cold Sores

The words “herpes cold sores” somehow just sounds more threatening than simply calling them cold sores or Fever Blisters. But the truth is that most of those nagging, annoying sores that you call either cold sores or fever blisters really are herpes cold sores. Knowing that fact won’t make the outbreak any more or less severe, but arming yourself with all the knowledge you can garner about herpes cold sores will help you treat the problem more effectively.

herpes cold sore

One website that offers plenty of information about herpes cold sores and other forms of the Herpes Virus is located at www.herpes-coldsores.com. The site has links to articles, diagnosis information, frequently asked questions and even support for those living with herpes. Pictures of herpes cold sores will help you diagnose and compare your own sores to those of typical and severe herpes cold sores on others.

Another site that offers lots of information about herpes cold sores and other forms of the herpes virus is at www.herpesrx.com/cold%20sore.html. You can choose from many sites related to the subject, but remember that you should verify information you find online from more than one source before you make major health decisions.

So how can you get rid of herpes cold sores? There is currently no cure for the herpes virus, so once you have the virus, it’s with you for life. However, there are some treatments for herpes cold sores that are very effective against the symptoms of the disease and can help you reduce the severity and length of a Cold Sore Outbreak. The medications available include over the counter creams, ointments and salves, prescription drugs and even some herbal remedies. Different people find different treatments that work best for them and you’ll typically have to look around for the treatment that works best for you.

Herpes is a contagious virus and that means that your outbreak of herpes cold sores can be spread, both to others and to new places on your own skin. Typically, herpes cold sores appear only around and in the mouth, but touching an open sore and then touching another place on your skin can cause another sore to appear.

Dealing with herpes cold sores doesn’t have to become a major ordeal. There are literally thousands of people who have the virus for herpes cold sores without having the genital herpes virus.