Cold Sore Treatment

Fastest Cold Sore Treatment That Offers Relief

If you’re looking for an effective cold sore treatment, you may very well have to shop around and try several products before you find a cold sore treatment that works. Just as with any product, finding the cold sore treatment that gives the best relief for you may take some time, but don’t allow yourself to be discouraged. While there are no over the counter medications that can truly cure a cold sore, you can find over the counter cold sore treatment medications that provide real relief from the symptoms of a cold sore.

cold sore treatment

There are tons of cold sore treatment medicines available at your local drug store, retailer or health food store. You’ll find cold sore treatment creams that cost as little as a couple of dollars to medicines that cost more than $20 for a small tube. But which cold sore treatment will work best? This is where the shopping comes in. Start by comparing active ingredients. You may find that one of the expensive brands has the same active ingredients in the same proportions as the less expensive creams.

Some cold sore treatment medications promise to dry up the cold sore while others offer relief of the burning and itching. The choice is ultimately yours, though it never hurts to ask friends what they’ve used and what they thought of particular treatments.

When you’re looking for effective cold sore treatment, you may also turn to your doctor. He/she may be able to direct you to a particular over the counter cream that works well as a cold sore treatment, or may even decide that your symptoms and the frequency with which you experience cold sores warrants a prescription drug as a more effective cold sore treatment.

Regardless of the cold sore treatment you choose, remember to read and follow directions for use, and to keep the medication with you for frequent treatments during the day. After all, even the most effective cold sore treatment can’t work if you don’t use it.

Even if you find a treatment that works fairly well, remember that research is resulting in new drugs all the time. If you hear of a new product and cold sores are a frequent problem, consider trying out a new cold sore treatment. It might just be the cold sore treatment you’ve been looking for.