Cold Sore Relief

If you’re looking for effective cold sore relief, you’re going to find there are several over-the-counter medications that work well. Keeping in mind that there is no fast cure for cold sores, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to suffer the pain, itching and burning that typically accompanies a cold sore.

cold sore relief

From the first moment you feel that a cold sore is coming on, you’re ready for cold sore relief. If you’ve had frequent and severe cold sores in the past, you’ve probably tried several medicines that promise cold sore relief. And if you’re like most people, you’ve found that some of the cold sore relief medications work while others simply don’t.

Before you choose a cold sore relief medication, consider what you want from the drug. Maybe you’re looking for cold sore relief cream that promises pain relief. Or perhaps a cream that helps reduce swelling and redness is more important to you. While you can’t be sure the cold sore relief medication works until you’ve actually tried it, you can still look for medications that tout their ability to tackle specific problems. For example, a cold sore relief medicine that doesn’t say it’s going to reduce swelling, probably won’t. If that’s the most important thing to you, find a medication that does promise to tackle that symptom.

Some cold sore relief medications soften and moisturize. If you’ve had a cold sore, you know that dry cold sores crack and often bleed – very unattractive. If you’re already self-conscious because you have a cold sore, imagine how self-conscious you’re going to be if you suddenly break the scab open and start to bleed. This is especially painful and common for those cold sores in the corner of the mouth when you stretch your mouth open to eat. If you use a cold sore relief treatment that keeps the scab moisturized and soft, it’s much less likely to break open and bleed. But again, only you can decide which cold sore relief treatments are most effective for you.

Even if you’ve found something that works, don’t refuse to try new cold sore relief medicines that appear on the market. Research and technology are constantly adding to the treatments for various maladies, including cold sores. You may very well find something among the new cold sore relief products that works even better than your current favorite.