Cold Sore Prevention

Is Cold Sore Prevention Possible?

There is no cure for cold sores and cold sore prevention – strictly speaking – isn’t really possible. But you can get the healing process started early in the life of the cold sore. While that isn’t prevention in the strictest sense of the word, any steps you can take to shorten the life of a cold sore is a step in the right direction.

Cold Sore Prevention

For those who experience cold sores on a regular basis, cold sore prevention would be a dream. After all, it’s easy to tell when a cold sore is coming on. You start with that nagging, tingling feeling that makes you know you’re getting a cold sore. Usually, the lip begins to feel at least slightly swollen and you probably expect that others can see your cold sore from the moment you begin to feel it. This makes you self-conscious even before there’s a need to be.

Cold sore prevention in the purest sense of the word may not be possible, but if you know where the cold sore is about to pop up, you can start using your favorite Cold Sore Treatment cream immediately. If you’re diligent, you may not have accomplished cold sore prevention, but the outbreak can certainly be less severe.

If you experience cold sores on a regular basis, you may want to keep your favorite cold sore medication on hand at all times. You can use those creams or ointments anytime you feel at risk for a cold sore as a cold sore prevention method. If used regularly, you may even experience fewer cold sores, and isn’t that what an effective cold sore prevention medication would accomplish?

There are some prescription medications that are advertised as cold sore prevention medicines. Most medications aren’t proven to prevent cold sores, but can lessen both the life and the severity of the cold sore. The few new products on the market that are called cold sore prevention drugs are typically expensive, but may well be worth the cost if you experience frequent and severe cold sores.

If you are serious about cold sore prevention, talk to your doctor. He/she may be able to prescribe something or make recommendations that will at least lessen the frequency and severity of cold sores.