Cold Sore Cream to Address Pain

There are several manufacturers of cold sore cream and most of them work with the same basic ingredients and attack the same basic Cold Sore Symptoms. Two of the most commonly touted benefits of cold sore cream are the ability to lessen the pain of a cold sore, and the moisturizing agents included in most cold sore cream medications.

Cold Sore Cream to Address Pain

Why is moisturizing important? One thing that prolongs the healing process is that cold sores tend to dry and crack open. Not only is a cracked cold sore a horrible sight, it’s also painful and it means that the healing is going to take even longer. A cold sore cream can keep the cold sore supple. Just consider the times that cold sores usually crack open to bleed. It’s usually the cold sores in the corners of your mouth that crack open easily and they often crack when you stretch you mouth open widely. If you’re using a cold sore cream that keeps the cold sore moist, the scab will stretch instead of cracking. This will save you the embarrassment of a bleeding cold sore, but also will keep you from starting the healing process all over again.

Cold sore cream can also help with the pain. Many have a numbing agent and some even have medicines to help reduce swelling.

So which cold sore cream is best? There are actually several dozen manufacturers and you have options ranging from a couple of dollars to $20 or more. The more expensive brands naturally are touted as the best, but only you can decide which cold sore cream offers the relief you want. You can also ask your doctor to prescribe one of the newer classes of cold sore cream medications. These tout their ability to both prevent cold sores and to lessen the frequency and severity of existing cold sores.

Sometimes, friends who also battle cold sores are a good source of information and can tell you the pros and cons of a particular cold sore cream. While you can’t be sure it’ll work the same on you as on your friend, you can get some idea of the kinds of relief that particular cold sore cream offers and whether or not you’d want to try it.