Causes Of Mouth Cancer

Causes Of Oral Cancer

There are certain risk factors that are responsible for causing mouth cancer. These include smoking and chewing tobacco, poor nutrition, QAT chewing,  alcohol consumption, and many other.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption 

Smoking and alcohol consumption are the most common source of oral cancer. Cigarettes and other tobacco products, like cigars and other products are important agents. Too much consumption of alcohol causes mutation in genetic material and causes cancer. The risk of mouth cancer is significantly increases addicts especially in tobacco and alcohol addicts.

Studies  shown that heavy smokers who smoke 35 cigarettes per day have a chance of developing  oral cancer 5 time more than than someone who do not smoke or drink.

On the other hand a person who only drink 30 liter of alcohol per week but do not smoke, are also more susceptible to these disease.

In person with the combination of both habits (smoking and alcohol consumption),  the risk of developing mouth cancer is 40 times higher.

Chewing Tobacco And Oral Cancer

Chewing tobacco is much more dangerous than smoking and person with such habit have more risk of developing mouth cancer because inner linings of the mouth is directly exposed to the carcinogens.

Other types of tobacco use includes, the use of snuff and snus that  popular in Sweden, which is attached under the lip, where it was gradually added into the bloodstream.

Chewing Betel Nuts 

Betel nuts are hooked seeds taken from the betel palm. These are chewed by Southeast Asian ethnic groups from Sri Lanka and India. These contain a chemical similar to caffeine. Betel nuts contain cancer causing substances that raise the risk of mouth cancers.

Who chew betel nuts and tobacco together is of course at more risk. Because of this bad habit mouth cancer is much higher in Sri Lanka racial groups and indian ethnic (racial) groups than other population.

QAT Chewing 

QAT plant found in southern Arabia and also in African countries which have mild stimulating effect. It is green leaf plant. It can be chewed in combination with tobacco. QAT and tobacco both together increase the risk of mouth cancers.

Cannabis Smoking And Mouth Cancer

Cannabis (Marijuana)  smoking is another important causative agent of mouth cancer. Regular cannabis smokers have more chancechane of developing mouth cancer because cannabis contain higher levels of Tar than tobacco smoke which is carcinogenic. 

Exposure To Viruses And Mouth Cancer

Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV) is also responsible for causing mouth cancer. HPV can attack the lining(mucous lining) of the throat, mouth, cervix, and anus.

Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV) infection can lead to mouth cancer as well. This is often seen more in the younger population.

Poor Nutrition 

Poor nutrition is another important source of mouth cancer. Who too much eat red meat, fried food and give preference to processed food and fried food and consume too little fresh fruit and vegetables are at higher risk of developing mouth cancer.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene may, with gum diseases, without regular brushing or flossing, the tainted teeth and contaminated equipped dentures increase the chance of  developing mouth cancer.

Excessive Exposure To Sunlight 

Excessive exposure to sunlight is causing cancer of the lip. Especially UV radiation form pyrimidine dimer in DNA. 

Age And Sex, 

Mouth cancers are more common in older people(40 t0 50 year old).

Males are at greater risk than female due to their heavier smoking and drinking habits. However, oral cancer is also found in women.