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How cancer is treated?

Each cancer treatment will be determined individually for the patients concerned. It depends on the type of cancer, its specific expression, such as location and condition, but also by the overall structure of the patient to his cardiovascular system and the age.

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In this case, the tumor and a part of the surrounding tissue is removed, often the nearest lymph node. This is a safety measure in order to completely remove the tumor. As a guide for the surgeon applies: as extensive as necessary, as gentle as possible. Particular in early stages, cancer cells are more easily removed with the process of medical therapy.

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In this case, cell division is stopped by getting access to cell metabolism and thus further growth of the tumor stop. Among the known side effects, the drugs used for this purpose can not distinguish between tumor tissue and healthy cells so they also affect healthy tissues. Nevertheless, they have a stronger effect on cancerous tissue, because normal tissue regenerates faster.

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In this case, tumor cells are subjected to ionized and electromagnetic particle beams. This can help to reduce and  slow the growth of tumor tissue due to destruction of tumor cells.

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This therapeutic approach is still young and called “targeted therapy”. Unlike chemotherapy which have their specific active substances which must be accurately grasp the cancer cells. Cancer cells have certain characteristics that do not occur in healthy cells or very rarely; so that the objectives for the new active substances can be identified first.


Some cancers are more numerous under the influence of hormones. Certain cancer cells depend on different hormone for their growth, in case of (anti) -Hormontherapie the producation of body’s hormones is shut down to inhibit the spread of the tumor. Tumors are also produce by the hormones themselves such as endocrine tumors, however, in such cases anti-hormonal medicine are used to treat the symptoms relieve due to the distributed hormones.


Many sufferers are hoping to win their support of conventional treatment. In almost all cases, the effects are not scientifically proven. Nevertheless, there are many anecdotal reports of people in which individual methods helped subject. Drugs should be applied but not without consultation or knowledge of the attending physician, as this drugs  always have interactions with other drugs.

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