The most informative method for diagnosis colon cancer is the colonoscopy. The intestine is examined with a tubular instrument that is equipped with a camera and a light source (endoscope).


Diagnosis of colon cancer

On suspicion of rectal cancer or colon cancer, the doctor can use different methods to diagnosis it. Where: The Colonoscopy is the most reliable method to diagnose or exclude cancer?

Cancer, Symptoms

Colon Cancer: Symptoms

Symptoms and Signs of Colon Cancer or Colorectal Cancer Colorectal cancer usually remains unnoticed for some time. Pain usually occurs only when the tumor has reached a certain size and

Cancer, Causes

Causes of colon cancer

The causes for the development of colorectal cancer are not yet fully understood. It is now known, however, that several causes are principally responsible for it. In most cases, colon


Stages of Colon Cancer

Colorectal or Colon Cancer Stages Two systems are customary for the classification of colorectal cancer stages: First, there are the so-called TNM classifications, which are common to almost all tumors

Cancer, Treatments


Radiotherapy For Cancer: Radiation that heal Radiation therapy (radiotherapy) in addition to the operation  and  chemotherapy is one of the central pillars of cancer therapy. Every cancer patients use radiotherapy

Cancer, Treatments


Surgery for cancer In many cancers, such as breast or skin cancer  , the chances for a cure are good if the tumor can be removed by surgery. If this

Cancer, Treatments


Chemotherapy For Cancer In addition to surgery  and radiotherapy , chemotherapy is one of the central pillars of cancer therapy. It comprises the treatment of malignant tumors with chemical substances,