Tongue Sores Causes and Treatment

Tongues Sores is very worst thing when its disturb your during sleep and you wake up with Harassful thoughts. Read the below mention think to diagnose the sores and treat it your self before a doctor’s appointment. It will also not help to blow things out of proportion and also know when things are really serious and even more when to take action. Sores on the tongue are a common occurrence with the most common called the canker sore or also known as the aphthous ulcer. Let’s understand the causes and treatment of this very annoying condition.

Tongue Sores Causes and Treatment

What causes tongue sores?

• One of the most thought of causes is inheritance. Certain individuals have shown a tendency to get the sores more frequently. However, doctors have not yet been able to know how this happens.

• It is also suspected that an overreaction to the streptococcus bacteria could also be a reason to the sores that form on the tongue. This is because the bacteria are found on the sore once it is formed.

• Allergies and minor injuries are also thought to be other sores on the tongue causes and increase the chances of contracting them.
• In women, they occur when their menstrual periods close in and also stress is believed to be another cause. This is because many students have been noticed to develop the sores when their exams are nearing.

• Lack of VitaminB12, folic acid or iron is also another cause of the sores that form on the tongue.

Symptoms of Tongue sore:

• There are several symptoms that could help you know if what you are suffering from is a canker sore.

• Physically, it appears as a white spot with a red border around it.

• The sores mostly form in any part of the mouth that has soft tissue. These can include the lips or the inner part of the cheeks but this mostly occurs on the tongue.

• When the sore is small, it appears as a 1mm-2mm in diameter circle. However, the larger sores appear to be irregular but maintain the same physical appearance.

Complications of Tongue sore :

• There are some complications that come with contracting these sores like a burning or tingly feeling on the tongue which occurs roughly 24 hours before the sore appears.

• The sore also causes severe pain for about 4 to 10 days but eventually dissipates.

• The pain is worsened by taking hot or spicy foods when they touch the sore.

• Fever, swollen glands and malaise may also accompany the onset of the sore.

Treatment of Tongue sore:

• Normally the sores go away within 14 days without any medical assistance whatsoever.

• There are several ways for sores on tongue treatment. The most common is gaggling salty water and taking pain relievers to help manage the pain.

• It is also important to keep away from irritants like the spicy foods or hot foods. This will not only save you the pain but also help the sore heal faster.

Due to the excruciating pain that comes with this sore and discomfort many people blow out the situation and start buying all types of medicines which is not necessary. However you can reduce chances of contracting the sore by making sure you take in foods that are rich in Folic acid and Vitamin B12.