Brain Tumor: Diagnosis And Treatments of Lymphomas in Brain

Diagnosis of lymphomas in Brain

For the diagnosis of a cerebral lymphoma, the modern imaging methods play a significant role. Thus it is possible by using the magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography to make the affected regions visible. These are reliable diagnostic methods but they do not provide the cross-sectional imaging. This is due to the diversity of a lymphoma in the brain because brain tumors develop from many different cell types and can grow in different ways. Therefore, in cases of suspected lymphoma in the brain further investigation and additional studies are required to accurately distinguish it.

In some cases when a lymphoma in the brain, a spinal tap with a subsequent examination of the cerebrospinal fluid provide valuable information for the diagnosis. In this connection, the examination of the cerebrospinal fluid has to be mentioned. However the histological examination is only the final certainty regarding the diagnosis. The doctor usually extracts a tissue sample through a small hole (stereotactic biopsy ). Diagnosis also includes an examination of the eye , as they are also affected in one in ten cases.

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