Cancer, Treatments

Melanoma Treatments

After the diagnosis, the treatment takes place. Which method is used depends on several factors, such as size and stage of the tumor and existence of metastases. Sometimes some treatment


Melanoma Diagnosis

Malignant melanoma have best chance of cure if it is detected at an early stage. The disease can be cured if the tumor is still thin and has not penetrated

Cancer, Symptoms

Melanoma Symptoms

A melanoma (black skin cancer) can cause symptoms that initially cannot distinguished from harmless changes in the skin. But Some benign lesions may similar to early skin cancer signs. Skin lesion is

Cancer, Causes

Melanoma Causes

Important factors which are responsible for the development of malignant melanoma are strong exposure to UV radiation having recurring sunburns or overall frequent sunbathing and genetic (hereditary) predisposition. The exposure

Cancer, Causes

Causes of Squamous Cell Carcinoma

A squamous cell carcinoma is caused by changes in genetic material (DNA) of the skin cells that may have different causes. The main cause is the long-term sun exposure .